S'estan mostrant les entrades d'aquesta data: juny, 2017

Isabel Solans a Cracovia

I went to Krakow for a week for an Erasmus exchange with the Faculty of Art of the Pedagogical University. At the Faculty of Art the academics carry out activities in the domains of Painting, Graphic Art, Sculpture and Artistic Photography. As a teacher of photography my job shadowing was focussed on attending activities about this subject. I joined some classes of Krzysztof Kaczmar,   teacher of photography and intermedia artist. I could see how his students tackled the problems of artworks photography, either working with studio lighting and daylight. He always gave personal instructions to each student to deal with their work. He let me know how he designs workshops tailored to the needs of each group according to their artistic speciality. I visited the facilities and attended a variety of activities at the faculty. In the intermedia department, they work on projects where the subject is the main objective ans each student-artist can choose the media that he prefers to

Convocatòria mostra audiovisual

Aquest dijous dia 22 fem la mostra audiovisual dels treballs d'Animació i Gràfica Audiovisual d'aquest curs. A les 18.00h. als cinemes Girona. Us hi esperem!

Reel d'Animació 2016-2017

Podeu veure a Vimeo el rodet d'animació dels treballs d'estudiants d'aquest curs. https://vimeo.com/220989024

Mostra dels 7 projectes interdisciplinars

Aquí una mostra audiovisual dels 7 projectes interdisciplinaris realitzats pels estudiants de tercer curs ESDAP a la Nit dels Museus del Centre d'Art Tecla Sala LIQUM PERSUASÓ MELOGRAMA FREQÜÈNCIES PATTERNSOUNDS CROMANIA MIGRACIONS

Acte de graduació ESDAP 2013-2017

El dilluns, 29  es va realitzar l'Acte de Graduació dels estudiants ESDAP 2013-2017 Moltes Felicitats!! http://www.esdap.cat/