ERASMUS professorat a ZAGREB

I went on an Erasmus exchange programmeat the Faculty of Graphic Arts, University of Zagreb, Croatia. There I met Maja Strag, professor of photography. Two years ago she visited our school for her Erasmus mobility. Maja showed me the facilities of the photography department and we had long talks sharing activities we develop with our respective students and discussing about methodologies of teaching photography. She showed me all the different assignments that she does with her students. You can have a look at them on the webpage: special attention on the photo projects that you can see on this page, since they are a particularly highlight on Maya’s teaching.
Maja Strag has been the winner of the 12th Julia Cameron Award in the Abstract Category, and we can see soon her photograph in the Barcelona Vàlid Gallery. The opening will be on May 8.
I also spoke extensively with TeoZezelj, an expert assistant in the field of image processing for reproduction media and digital printing. I could see the works the students have to do in order to develop their knowledge and skills in this subject, and that Teo shares with professor Ivana Paulovic, who takes care of the artistic aspect of this works. He also showed me professor Miroslav Mikota’s photographs, snowed mountain landscapes, printed on canvas, which were displayed in his solo exhibition.
It was fantastic to have the opportunity, invited by Maja Strag, to attend the opening of PetraSlobodnjak’s photography exhibition, for the 70th anniversary of LADO, at the Museum of Arts and Crafts.
One of my cultural activities was visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art, which was very interesting since there is an important presence of art photography. And, of course, visiting the city center, the Gornji Grad and the Donji Grad and having a coffee in Dolac Square, watching the lively activity of the open air market.
To finish I would like to thank the welcome and attention of InvanaZganjar, the Erasmus Coordinator of the Faculty of Graphic Arts.

Isabel Solans
Professor of Photography
EASD Serra I Abella
L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. Barcelona


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